Fees and Payment

Full and Installment Payments

It is necessary for the student to pay the required down payment of the program upon enrollment so he/she can be considered officially enrolled.

Under the term system, total assessment may be paid in full or in eight (8) equal installments except in theCollege of Law and in the Graduate School. In case of full payment, the student is entitled to a discount of ten percent (10%).

Official Dropping of Subjects

In the event of withdrawing from enrollment or when some subjects are dropped due to valid reasons, the following policies shall be observed:

Period of Dropping/Withdrawals/Charges

Within the enrolment period

Registration Fees only – After the enrolment period up to the first week of classes

Down payment – Second week of classes up to the first exam

Total Misc.Fees + 1 exam – Up to the 2nd examination

Total Misc Fees + 2 exams – Up to the 3rd examination

Total Misc Fees + 3 exams – Up to the 4th examination

Total Misc Fees + 4 exams – Up to the 5th examination

Total Assessment


The student shall secure one set of Adding/Dropping Form from the Student Accounting Office 1 (SAO 1).

The filled-up form is routed to the Dean of the College for recommendation of approval of request.

Upon the Dean’s recommendation, the student shall submit his/her request form to SAO 1 for approval and computation of charges.

The approved request for withdrawal/dropping of subjects shall be submitted to the University Registrar.

If the student withdraws before the 1st exam, he/she can automatically get the credentials submitted and the subjects enrolled shall then be truncated

If the student withdraws after the 1st exam, he/she is required to request for an honorable dismissal if he/she desires to transfer to another school, but his/her subjects cannot be truncated anymore.

Financial Delinquencies

The University reserves the right to withhold release or issuance of Transfer Credentials or Report of Grades, Transcript of Records and Diploma of students with outstanding accounts at the close of the semester will not be permitted to register in the succeeding semester unless previous accounts are settled.