External Relations and Alumni Affairs

The External Relations and Alumni Affairs Office (ERAAO) was established to create and maintain strong and viable relationship with the school’s external stakeholders especially the industry, government, alumni and other HEIs. It purposely identifies dedication to: initiate partnership with any external stakeholders for the purpose of the tri-function of the educational system including the scholarship program; use pro-active approach to promote campus initiative through news release, media advisories, news conferences, website, television, radio, and newspaper interviews and other public relations activities; facilitates the promotion and advertisement of programs and services offered by the institution and spearhead all activities and plans related to student recruitment; give UM jobseekers an opportunity to learn more about potential employers and opportunities available for them; supervise the yearbook publication; facilitate invitational request for the performance of the Cultural Group by external agencies; assist in the student and faculty exchange programs; and maintain strong link with its alumni through the creation and implementation of meaningful programs.

External Relations and Alumni Affairs Office Personnel

  1. HAMMIEL O. AGUSTIN, MBA – Head of Office
  2. JERIZA M. MAYANG – Linkage Assistant
  3. JOHN MIE F. ARMECIN – Office Assistant