Academic Year 2019-2020

          The Academic Year 2019-2020 opened with 8,739 college students, 333 masteral students, 403 Junior high school and 625 Senior high school students reaching this year’s total of 10,149 student population. Among the 10,149 student population, 2,328 are freshmen college students coming from the different public and private high schools in Mindanao.

         The office has conducted the Student Recruitment Survey last June 17-20, 2019 during the Freshmen and Transferees Orientation Program held at the PB San Jose Gymnasium, UM Tagum College. Presented in Table 1 are the six (6) residences of the respondents with the highest frequency: Tagum, Davao del Norte, Compostella Valley, Others, Agusan del Sur , Agusan del Norte. Highlighted in the table below are three areas with high residencies which are: Tagum, Davao del Norte and Compostella Valley. Tagum City had the highest with 1,564 or 47%; Davao del Norte follows having a frequency of 732 or 22%. And lastly, Compostella Valley with 666 which is equivalent to 20%.

                                 Table 1.Respondents’ Residences

         The data above revealed that most of the students are residents within the locality of the institution. Proximity has always been a factor for the preferences of the students in choosing their school for college education.

         Aside from the city, some students came from nearby municipalities and cities near Tagum. The places highlighted where the locations visited during the student recruitment campaign. As reflected in the data of the accomplishment report on the schools visited during the campaign of the academic year 2018-2019, these places were the same cities and municipalities where the school conducted its Student Recruitment Campaign.

        On the other hand, Table 2 presents the data on the Population of freshmen conducted with SRC. Out of the total freshmen population, 61% were conducted with Student Recruitment Campaign (SRC) with a total number of 2,030. Further, 1,298 or 39% of the total freshmen population were not conducted by the SRC however they still chose UM Tagum College to be their school in college.  

                                  Table 2.Population of freshmen conducted with SRC

         Accordingly, the data below stressed the Features of UM Tagum College that Influenced Students to enrol. Table 3 shows the result of students’ reasons in choosing the institution based on its features. The highest among the features is the UM’s accredited programs this was followed by Highly Qualified Faculty and Affordable Tuition Fee is next to the second highest. The top three features were followed by the following: Term System; Easy Instalment; State of the Art Facilities and others.

                                  Table 3.Features of UM Tagum College that Influenced Students to Enrol

        As highlighted in the data, the said features are well explained during the Student   Recruitment Campaign. It also revealed the effectiveness of the marketing scheme in giving emphasis of the School’s features in the campaign brochures.  Thus, UM’s accredited programs really encouraged the students in choosing UM Tagum College to be their school in college. 




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