For Incoming Freshmen

The following credentials are requirements for enrollment:

  • Senior High School Card or F-138A
  • ALS Results ( if ALS Graduate )
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character from the school
  • PSA  Birth Certificate with  1 Photocopy (Bring Original for verification)

For Transferees

A student who has earned credits from other colleges and universities of good standing may seek admission to the University provided he/she has not been expelled from previous school and provided further that he/she presents to the Admission Office the following credentials:

  • Certificate of Transfer of Credentials (CTC) or Certificate of  Honorable Dismissal (CHD);
  • Informative copy of Transcript of Records (for evaluation purposes only);
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character;
  • PSA Birth Certificate 1 Photocopy (bring original for verification)

Until the Transcript of Records (TOR) is received, any action on the application is provisional. This becomes a permanent part of the University files.

For Graduate School

    • 1 General Requirements:
      • 1.1    Certificate of Transfer Credential
    • 1.2    Transcript of Records
      • 1.3    Take and pass the Psychological Test
      • 1.4    Recommendation letter from superior or former professor
      • 1.5    Birth Certificate – NSO authenticated
    • 2. Professional Requirements
      • 2.1. Master in Business Administration (MBA)
        • 2.6.1. Must be a graduate of any business program.
        • 2.6.2. If he/she is not a graduate of any business program, he/she must have earned 12 units of management subjects or with five (5) years supervisory experience
      • 2.7. Master of Public Administration (MPA)
        • 2.7.1. Must be a graduate of any four (4) year program
      • 2.11. Master in Management (MM)
        • 2.11.1. Must be a graduate of BS Management or any related course
      • 2.12. Master of Arts in Education (MAEd)
          • 2.12.1. Must be a graduate of any education program
          • 2.12.2. For Non-Education graduate: Must have earned 18 units in professional education and earned 12 units professional subjects in area of concentration.
    Admission of Students Enjoying Educational Benefits – Students who are grantees/beneficiaries of any college plans/scholarships can be admitted to the University provided they meet the basic admission requirements and provided further that they present duly accomplished and approved scholarship papers upon enrollment.