UM Tagum College, as an institution of higher learning, adheres on the holistic development of the students. Honing the student’s professional character cannot be done by the institution alone. The Host Training Establishments (HTEs) where the students are having their OJT plays a vital role in the fulfillment of its goal to develop the total character of the students. This partnership ensures a reciprocated communication in creating plans and coordination in the effective transfer of knowledge in the work place.


         For School Year 2018-2019, UM Tagum College had a total of 203 Partner HTEs. It is indeed essential for an institution to establish strong linkage and partnership with the HTEs in order to achieve the objectives of the school and one of it is to provide holistic academic experience of the profession for the students. It is through this that the school can be able to sustain its pursuit to excellence in the delivery of a total quality education. 

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