Department of Business Administration Education

The College of Business Education prepares individuals for success in a global society by offering business education that integrates theory and practice, instills practical knowledge and skills, including the use information technology, preparing for life-long learning, and building enduring relationships with students, alumni, and extended community.


        The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management is a four-year college course recommended for people who plan to make a career in Banking and Finance Industry. The program aims to help students acquire analytical skills, perceptions, and competencies necessary for sound financial decision making in the business world.


        The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource Management program focuses on integrated learning experiences in which students develop problem solving and team building skills. The program is designed for students who desire a broad understanding of business operations with an intense focus on the area of Human Resource Management. This specific course of study will equip students with the highly sought after skills required for success in Human Resource while completing the strategic circle through courses in organizational management.


         The BSBA in Marketing Management program is designed to equip the students with the knowledge and skills for effective marketing and sales strategies: how a company determines what product or service to sell, how customers and markets are delineated into target demographics, and the methods of reaching them. The course also focuses on strategic marketing issues which marketing managers assess before findings are presented to their executives. By learning to be an effective marketer and manager, you will learn to respond to the demands of competitors, the government, and larger social issues. Among the concepts and theories that will be discussed are sales management, branding, distribution, e –commerce, franchising, retailing, information technology, and corporate social responsibility.


     This program aims to produce graduates who have working knowledge of the hospitality industry, so that they could pursue a career in the operation and management of the hotels, resorts, inns, pension houses, cruise lines, recreational facilities, and other travel related enterprises.


      A four year baccalaureate degree which focuses on the fields of tourism principles, geography and culture, tourism planning and development, business management and entrepreneurship, accounting and finance, laws, marketing and promotions, airline operations, travel and tour operations, hotel and resort operations, and tourism research. This program gives opportunity to students in Davao City and Mindanao to gain access to globally recognized hospitality courses. This course delivers key competencies of the tourism business, focusing on international tourism management.

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