Department of Arts and Sciences Education

           The College of Arts and Sciences Education is the most diverse academic unit of UM. Its academic programs seek for advancement of excellence and are firmly committed to academic freedom. It strives to cultivate creative thought, open and vigorous intellectual inquiry, high standards of academic responsibility, and respect for diversity in its students.


The BS in Computer Science course prepares you for proficiency in designing, writing, and developing computer programs and computer networks. The field incorporates the study of computer algorithms and their implementation through computer software and hardware. You will study the intricacies of software applications, data processing, web development, programming, and computer architecture. You will also attain skills in building computer networks.

 BS – IT

The Bachelor of Science in Information System program is designed for students who would like be professionals in designing, implementing, managing and maintaining information and communications systems.


The Bachelor of Arts in English program provides students with knowledge and skills of the English language and literature. It trains students in creative writing, literature, cultural rhetoric, and acquiring a high level of English proficiency and becoming articulate speakers of the English language.


The Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is designed to help students conduct scientific methods in observing human behavior, allowing them to gain access to the human psyche and fathom its depths. They will gain the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to assess and conduct empirical research regarding individual and group behavior through the lens of various psychological theories and concepts. The BSP degree can prepare you for general careers in teaching, research, counselling, and human resources. It can also be a foundation major for further studies in the fields of Medicine, Guidance and Counseling, Human Resource Development, and Law.


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