Atty. Guillermo E. Torres together with five other enthusiastic individuals armed only with strong determination dreamed to establish a school in 1946. It did not take long for this school when Mindanao College (MC) now the University of Mindanao has grown and stood as the leading institution of Learning in the Region. The University has immediately branched out eight more school which spread all throughout the three province of Davao.

Exactly, it was on summer 1950 when MC Tagum Academy was opened as the first non-sectarian private school in Tagum. It started with only one building which stood along Mabini Street, Tagum City. In its initial year there were 400 students enrolled handled by only four administration personnel – faculty members headed by Mr. Miligrito. Due to economic dislocation brought about the ravage of World War II, Mindanao College initially offered complete academic secondary course.

In 1959, a two year collegiate course in commerce was given government recognition. Having shown a better performance and turn – over of its commerce graduates, the government awarded full recognition of the course in 1975 with Mr. Ray Seguerra as Dean of College.

On the same year the permit to open a two year general Liberal Arts was processed. And after a year, the government gave the permit to operate the said course and finally given a recognition to operate the whole course. Mr. Merdonio Caasi became the Head of the College of Liberal Arts.

Another educational endeavor was successful in the year 1986 when the four years Education Course was Recognized with Mr. Esekias Idul as the Head move after same year.

Additional vocational course was given recognition in 1976 for the students who could not qualify for college, the two year Course and vocational subjects. Government recognition came in the same year. One year after, UM Tagum release its first batch of graduates, a good strong batch who became successful in their own fields of endeavor. This becomes the evident from the past to this present time.

In 1959, the hands of God led by Mr. Pedro B. San Jose and his wife, Mrs. Angelina San Jose of Tagum to serve as the second principal. From then on, Mindanao College surged high. Mr. San Jose worked hard to transform this school into what it is today. He was able to transform the 3 classroom building into several big buildings mushrooming inside the two hectares school campus.

The school curricular offering is determined by a group of curriculum planners who study the needs and the demands of the people in the area. The establishment of a complete secondary course and vocational courses mentioned above answered the needs of the Agricultural Technology Course favored our barangay students from barangay whose parents were farmers.

The University of Mindanao Tagum College gifted with the pioneering spirit of its human resources undertook some educational innovations when it offered an OPEN UNIVERSITY PROGRAM. This is a distant study plan where college working students, housewives and undergraduates employees availed for themselves a learning style designed for them by coming to school on a scheduled basis.

Two-year Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Elementary Education were offered in 1983-1984 in consortium with the University of Mindanao main school but were aborted two years later.

The Education department expanded its major field of specialization by offering Mathematics and Filipino in 1985.

Few years later, the government has given the school permission to operate Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Bachelor of Arts Major in Economics, and Elementary Courses from Grade I-IV. Mr. Carlos Espero II and Ms. Lucia Damoto were the Heads of BSA and AB-Eco Courses respectively.

When Mr. Pedro B. San Jose retired as the school Director in March 1992, he was replaced by Dr. Eugenio S. Guhao Jr.. a Doctor in Management. Under his management, numerous developments had been undertaken. As evidenced, there are renovations and construction of new building like the GET Torres. Moreover, there is an extensive acquisition of equipment for the laboratories, Science, HRM, and HE, Computer Laboratories, Audio Visual Room Facilities, increased Library holdings. This was coined and with a more improved quality of services. In other words, there was a tremendous transformation of UM Tagum College into a more competitive school in Davao. As a consequence, Dr. Guhao, together with the support of the Administrative and strong faculty members submitted its willingness for accreditation. Luckily, on its first application, one program/ course was recognized and was given Level 5 accreditation level.

Now its 58th year of service to the people of Davao, UM Tagum College formerly Tagum Academy is still incessantly imbued with the pioneering spirit of educating the youth in this part of the country. True to its commitment, it has in this short span of time, gained more successes than failures in all spheres of endeavor. Finally, as we look back all through the years, UM Tagum College can say with all candors and sincerely that it has contributed to the “Total Development of Man”.

At the same year before Dr. Guhao left UM Tagum College, he suggested to build up the Learning Resource Center headed by Dr. Margarita C. Puno. This project was successfully done with the helped of our alumni, faculty, students and the administration. And luckily, this was a great help especially to the Department of Education when they apply for Accreditation Level I, Level IIand Level III.

When Dr. Eugenio S, Guhao Jr. was transferred to UM Main Davao City for promotion, the next Director of UM Tagum College was Mrs. Fely D. Rabaca our former cashier and promoted as Asst. Treasurer of the University of Mindanao. January 2002 was the exact date for her to handle UM Tagum College. Under her management, computer science, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Nursing as well were the courses added.

Administrative staff underwent several changes. In terms of the deanship, the late Dr. Josephine Montero was the Dean of College. She was then succeeded by Dr. Hernando Zamora and then Dr. Maria Vilma J. Manulat. Dr. Joseph O. Chagas is the present Dean. He took over the post last June 2006.

After the retirement of Prof. Esekias Idul, Prof. Esperanza Talisic took over as head of the Eduacation Program. Several innovative strategies were initiated such as the application for accreditation and the creation of the Bachelor in Elementary Education. This also created the avenue of the opening of the Elementary Dapartment.
Prof. Talisic was succeeded by Dr. Lucena O. Asidoy as head of the Education Program. Dr. Asidoy was transferred as Head of College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Arlene Baldonado, Dr. Grace Santa D. Estrada, Dr. Susan C. Leng, and Dr. Monalisa Chagas were successors.

Presently, the college is headed by Dr. Guadalupe De Leon for the BSEd program and Prof. Aileen Talidano for the BEEd program. As the college continues to grow swiftly, it is now in its heights of seeking Level II accreditation level. The department has been exerting tremendous efforts in improving instruction, research and extension activities.

Students and teachers as well as the administration staffs work very hard to mobilize resources to cope with the standards required by the accreditation facility. Massive immersion activities are being done to attain quality standards.

It is then hoped that the college can attain its ultimate goals to reach the international educational standards through strengthening global linkages. As proof, the school particularly the education program has been actively participating in the BEAM programs and projects.